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 Skimstone Products


SkimStone is a cementic finish system which is troweled into 3 ultra thin layers to give decorative effects which are very rich in color and depth.
The product adheres to almost any surface and can be installed indoors or outdoors, on walls, floors or countertops.
 SkimStone products are composed of a Type 1 Solution of acrylic resin, a colorant, and a White Powder based on Portland cement.

Bonding Primer 

Bonding Primer 
The Bonding Primer SkimStone can be used  increase adhesion and smooth out a surface.
This product was developed for use on plastic laminate countertops (Arborite, Formica, etc.) but can also be used on sealed concrete floors which in turn do not have to be grinded down.
The Bonding Primer is available in  1 U.S. gallon
buckets (3.8 litres)  or 5 gallon buckets (19 litres).

Type 1 Solution

 Type 1 Solution

SkimStone`s Type 1 Solution is a polymer acrylic resin in liquid form. It is mixed with SkimStone White Powder. It is water based, meaning that it is less toxic and easy to clean.
Type 1 Solution is also the basis in which color is added.
SkimStone Type 1 Solution  is available in sizes of 1 U.S. gallon (3.8 liters) or 5 U.S. gallons (19 liters).

   SkimStone White Powder

      White Powder

Gradually added to Type 1 Solution, SkimStone`s White Powder produces a surface film with  very strong adhesion to almost all surfaces, incredible flexibility,
high wear resistance, and an endless variety of design.
SkimStone White Powder is available a small 7 pound bucket or a 30 pound bucket.

SkimStone ColorPacks

With 18 standard colors,  SkimStone offers a variety of colors and shades can be adjusted to achieve desired effects and transparency.
The 18 basic colors may also be overlaid or blended to create an infinite number of color possibilities.
SkimStone ColorPaks are available in 4 oz format.

Protective Sealer

   Protective Sealer

SkimStone Protective Sealer  is a water-based urethane sealer with low odor and low VOC emanation.
  A minimum of two coats must be applied, but more coats may be applied in order to increase the color saturation of SkimStone products.
SkimStone Protective Sealer  is available in a small 1 qt bottle or 1 U.S. gallon bottle.

Nettoyant SkimStone

SkimStone Cleaner  helsp maintain the cleanliness and beauty of your new skimstone floor, wall, or countertop.


 SkimStone Select Finish is a two-component protective finish which is water-based designed  for commercial use.
It should be applied in place of the final layer of SkimStone Protective selaer.
Select Finish is available in gloss, semi-gloss or satin 1 gallon bottles.

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